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released March 21, 2014

All songs written and performed by Horsecop in 2013 except tracks 2, 6, 8 and 10 which also feature Chap Sowash on Trombone and track 6 which features Alex Nauth on trumpet.

Special thanks to Jake Tippey of Ramshackle Recordings and Auraphic Pro Audio.
Recorded at Curtis Visual Communications ...and Josh's House

Tracking engineers: Jake Tippey and Josh Elstro
Mixed and Mastered: Josh Elstro

Mitchell Cahill - Bass and vocals
Kyle Kuznof-Dineen - Guitar and vocals
Josh Elstro - Drums, vocals, guitar, banjo, glockenspiel



all rights reserved


HORSECOP Cincinnati, Ohio

We fuck shit up on a semi-pro level.

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Track Name: The Only Single Guys I Know
Drinks now.
But where?
I don't care.
You name it. I'll be there.
Track Name: Zero My Hero
You might look at him and think that he's just another dog
But if that's what you're thinking well then you're kind of wrong
Cus late at night when you think he's asleep
He's out keeping us safe from all the villains and creeps
And if you listen close you might hear somebody say

That's Zero my hero
Just look at him go
That's Zero my hero
And he is my super hero dog

He's got ultrasonic hearing and laser shooting eyes
He runs faster than a bullet and he jumps really high
He keeps his eyes open for any trouble
If he he hears a distress cry he's there on the double
If you ever need help you just gotta call out his name

The NKY has never seen a hero like this one before
So all you villains look out, he's here to settle the score
Cus' for far too long we've been held under siege
But evil mad men and robots and monsters that come from the sea
And we've got a hope now, that's hope name just happens to be...
Track Name: Citizen Kane 3 - Citizen Harder
Poopin at work
I'm getting paid for poopin
I don't have to take my 15 minute break
Cus you have to let me go

I don't poop for free.
Track Name: Water It Down
Water it down for mass consumption
Cus we've got a lot of ears we need to make bleed

You can dress it up any way you want to
We're always gonna see right through you
I guess it doesn't matter anyway
You'll still manage to ruin my day
Who need their hearing anyway?

And the reason that you're still hungry for so much
Is cus' it's not so much nourishment as it is a bore

It's High Fructose Corn Syrup for your ears
You'll drink anything you hear
Track Name: Leggings Are Pants
I've never been one for high fashion
I just learn as I go
Yeah but lately I've seen trendy girls matching
The most peculiar clothes

And leggings are pants
Just put on an extra long shirt because leggings are pants

You've got no problem when those hot trendy bitches wanna' show off their assets to you
But your problem is the same one as always that fat girls want to be trendy too
Track Name: Just Not Dumb Enough
I just don't understand the appeal of TV
That's not even close to reality
These movies about heroes in their underwear
And sparkling vampires. Why am I supposed to care?
I can't believe that anyone would wanna be in a stupid punk band
They don't make any money
Guess I'll never understand

I guess I'm just not dumb enough

Now why would anyone stay out so late
Just to buy a stupid fucking video game,
Stay up late on the internet,
Or watching grown men kick balls into a net?
I can't believe that anyone would get so worked up over a team
They make too much money
And you're not even on the team

I guess I'm just not dumb enough. No.
Track Name: Months From October
You get my hopes up in February
I place a burden on you that's hard to carry
And now the summer is winding down
Looks like another winter of wearing a frown

But still you've always got me counting
You've got me counting down the days
Who needs these months from October
From October to April anyway?

You can break my heart when the leaves fall
But in the spring I'm ready again
Who needs these months from October
When I'm waiting for you to win?
Track Name: Don't Tell Tehl
There was this guy who came to my pub
Seemed like a good guy, but now he kind of sucks
He falls in love with every fucking girl
That he ever meets

Don't tell Tehl
Don't you even think about it
Don't you fucking dare

And now this guy he won't leave me alone
He comes around my house he calls me on the phone
God damn this guy,
He tried to have sex with Joe Powell
Track Name: Butt Flags and Back Patches
I don't get in fights. I just give high fives. Even though you just called me a faggot
I don't go out every night. I just stay in with the wife

I'm not as think as you punk I am
We're just playing to get drunk again
I'm not as think as you punk I am
Don't need to try to be as hard as a I can

I'm not a dissidant. Voted for president. Even though he came from a major party.
I won't abuse your tab but I'll call you a cab
I'm happy with my job. I've never been fired.

Don't brag about my band or how punk I am
Cus' I'm not 14 years old
And when I'm at the bar I don't steal PBR
I'm just here to watch the game

Butt flags and back patches
They don't make you punk
Stitch em' up for hours
I don't give a fuck
Track Name: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told
I can't sleep cus' your all I see
I got you in my dreams, you mean so much to me
I'm all alone
So I pick up the phone
And dial the number that'll bring ya' to me

Pizza you know that I love you
Pizza you're everything that I need
Pizza I wish I could have you all the time

Anyone can see that you're the one for me
I want you covered in cheese and maybe pepperoni
Don't care if you're late
Cus' you're always so great
Can't wait to take you in my mouth

I don't want no burritos
They make me feel so alone
Jimmy Buffett can have his cheeseburgers
Yeah, cus' pizza I am yours